Why Ying Mei.

We hope to serve and help businesses grow with our many years of experience and innovative technology.
Why Choose Us

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software

Artificial Intelligence is the future and we are proud to be part of that future by being an AI one-stop accounting firm. We have successfully assisted our clients to save over 75% of manpower in bookkeeping and ordering with our software. It also saved heavily on e-commerce platform costs.

Our customised IT software includes 4 modules:

  1. Mobile phone sales order module

Allows your clients to refer to the products’ pictures and make orders in your system via mobile phone.

  1. Stock control module

Allows you to dive into each product’s monthly selling and purchasing prices, giving you a clear picture of your daily stock status.

  1. Full set accounting module

Allows AI to read, learn and key the financial data into your system.

  1. MCST module

Allows AI to read and record the proprietors’ payments into the system, compute automatically for late interest fees, and automatically email reminders, statement of accounts, and quarterly sales invoices to all proprietors.

This IT software is approved by the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) in Singapore.

Our Clientele Sectors
  • Food and Beverage franchise
  • Investment holding companies
  • Financial Services
  • Trust Funds, Family Office
  • Crypto
  • Motor car trade
  • Shipping company
  • IT company
  • Fitness company
  • Trading company
  • Non-profit organization
Our Mission
  • To provide exceptional client services with pride and integrity
  • To exceed expectations and be passionate about the success of our clients and business partners
  • To value our team and associates
Our Vision
  • Be recognized as a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) accounting and consulting firm
  • Be respected as trusted advisors by our clients and business partners
  • Be able to provide our clients and business community with innovative solutions to complex business issues